Non -Governmental Organizations

List of NGOs in the municipality of Prijepolje

1. Center for Research in politics "ARGUMENT. President - Slobodan Martinovic. 

2. Citizens' Association "New Vision", Prijepolje. President - Mirsad Duran. 

3. Association for Science, Culture and Art of Bosniaks "IKRE", Prijepolje. President - Mehmet Ferajzić. 

4. Center for Civic Action "INTEGRA. President - Danko Potezica. 

5. Citizens' Association "Women's Forum PRIJEPOLJE" Prijepolje. President - Mileva Malešić.

6. Association of citizens "VEDRINA", Prijepolje. President - Rada Divac. 

7. "Women's Centre Prijepolje" President - Dejanka Nestorović.  

8. Association of Beekeepers' PRIJEPOLJE "Prijepolje. President - Marko Mandic. 

9. Center for Sustainable Development "Kamena Gora. President - Dragan Gluščević 

10. Ecological Society "FRIENDS OF SOPOTNICA" Prijepolje. President - Nadezda Pesic. 

11. Society for the revitalization of the villages of Stara Raska "VRELO" Prijepolje. President - Zoran Malešić.

12. NGO 'FRIENDS OF BRODAREVO”. President - Izudin Pušija. 

13.  Association of Fruit Growers "Polimlje". President - Amel Kurbegović. 

14. Citizens Association of agricultural producers "BABINE" Prijepolje. President - Mirko Milosevic.

15. Citizens Association of agricultural producers ”VILINA VODA”. President - Nail Kajevic 

16. Association of vegetable growers "BRAVO. President - Milosav Dukic. 

17. Association of Fruit Growers"Delises" Velika Zupa. President - Mladen Nestorović 

18.  Association cattle breeders and agricultural producers' AGROROKER ", Ivanje. President - Vladimir Babic. 

19. Association of cattle breeders' PRIJEPOLJE, " velika Zupa. President - Mahmut Henjaš 

20. Circle of Serbian Sisters Prijepolje. President - Nada Klačar.

21. Sport Association "Intermezzo" Prijepolje. President - Vesko Šarančić. 

22. Association of peace and war invalids Prijepolje municipality. President - Miodrag Jovanovic.

23. Intermunicipal Organization of blind persons, Prijepolje. President - Milomir Bjelić 

24. Pensioners Association of Prijepolje Municipality.

25. Association of health workers of Prijepolje municipality 

26. Teachers Association Prijepolje

27. Municipal Alliance Board of Veterans of National - Liberation War, Prijepolje 







News & Events
11.August 2012.
Established a strategic team to attract foreign ...
To contribute to the economic empowerment of Prijepolje, the owner of the company Emilio Stecher, Mr. Mesa Podbicanin has founded the team to attract foreign investment. The team works for the company Emilio Stecher and deals only with finding foreign investors. In a very short time, they >