Registration of changes of the entrepreneurs

Required documents for registration of changes: 

• registration application for businesses with changes clearly marked -type and content changes in the appendix to be filed in the registration application changes 
• proof of payment of compensation (for the time submitted the registration application changes 300,00 dinars for two or more applications filed timely change in a Registry log 480.00 dinars, to change the legal form 5100.00 CSD). 

Changes in businesses that are subject to registration: 
• personal information of founder - entrepreneurs, foremen or partners (name, surname, personal identification number or passport number for foreign natural persons) 
• taking action by members of the family in the event of death of the entrepreneur 
• business office, name, predominant category, business name, a period in which the contractor is registered 
• registration or change of foremen or partners authorized to represent 
• information on the area outside the business office 
• Tax Identification Number, bank account, contact 
• registration or deletion of registration of data relevant for legal traffic 
• a temporary cessation of the activity. 
The changes that are not subject to registration: 
• the expansion of activities 
• a temporary cessation of work space outside the business office 
• change the status of the entrepreneur (whether the activity as a basic, supplementary, or perform a pensioner) 
• working in the field (from place to place). 

For registration of change of legal form, the Agency shall be provided with  the following: 
• registration of applications deleted from the Register of Entrepreneurs 
• registration of applications established company 
• All required documentation is prescribed by law for the establishment of 
• society that wants to change the legal form 
• proof of fee payment in the amount of 5100.00 RSD to the agency account and 1460.00 RSD to obtain an ID number, and be credited to the account of the budget of the Republic of Serbia 
• decision on changing the legal form of businesses in the company. 

To register the appointment of foremen APR is submitted: 

• the authority which appointed the founder of the supervisor 
• photocopy of identity card foremen. 

To register taking ownership in case of death of the founder , the following should be submitted : 
• Death certificate 
• a statement of the takeover of business operations and, within 30 days from the death of the founder. Action can be taken by household members: spouse, parents and children of the founder. 
Source: Agency for Business Registers 

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