Prijepolje is the town of sports. Prijepolje has created top athletes such as the world known basketball player Vlade Divac, soccer players Mihajlo Pjanovic, Muhamed Preljevic and Ivica Dragutinovic, athlete Dragoslav Divac and other.

Functions related top sports in the Municipality of Prijepolje are executed by the Sports Association founded in 1992 and registered as the association of sport clubs, societies and organizations. The Association is managed by the Assembly, as the highest authority, and the Management Board, as the operational body in charge of executing decisions made by the Assembly.

Members of the Sports Association are 24 sport clubs and organizations. Eleven sport clubs compete in various leagues. Other clubs and organizations pursue their activities on various tournaments and sport events

Clubs competing in leagues:



FC «Polimlje»

District league

FC «Jasen»

Morava league

Footsal «Zupski rubin»

Second league

VC «Roads» (f)

Second league

VC «Prijepolje» (f)

Second league

VC «FAP Livnica»

Second league

HC «Beli Andjeo»

Serbian league

HC «Prijepolje » (f)

Serbian league

BC «Milesevac»

District league


District league

CC «Priko»

Second league

Other clubs and organizations pursue their activities on various tournaments and sport events. They are:

  1. Karate Club «Prijepolje»

  2. Karate Club «Euro»

  3. Kick Box Club «Mladost»

  4. Mountaineering Club «Kamena Gora»

  5. SCC «Kolovrat»

  6. SC «Jabuka»

  7. PGK «Beli Andjeо»

  8. ОО SR «Lim»

  9. Kayak Club «Lim»

  10. IO «Bosko Buha»

  11. Physical Education Teachers' Society

  12. Municipal Handball Association

Prijepolje has 20 open sports courts and 2 stadiums: City Stadium Prijepolje and the Soccer Stadium «Rosulje» Brodarevo.

In addition to stadiums, Prijepolje has 5 indoor sport courts serving mostly as the sports courts of the City High School.

Two major sport event attracting the most Prijepolje athletes are Sandzak and Inter-municipal Sport Games, hosting several thousands of athlete from Sandzak and other areas.

Prijepolje organized the first Еuro Cup in Rafting in 2007. This event will surely become a traditional annual event.

In addition to the Euro Cup in Rafting, several other sport events are part of Prijepolje's tourism offer:

  • Komara kosija hosting horse races, long jump, shot put and similar disciples

  • Diving «Petrovac»

  • Prijepolje Cup in fishing organized at Fisherman's Path on the Lim River

  • Paragliding Cup «Dragoslav Divac»

  • Memorial Tournament «Lale Moraca» in beach volleyball with participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and alike.

Sport Association also organizes six footsal tournaments as well as thirteen memorial tournaments two of which, devoted to teachers of physical education Memorial Tournament «Ferid Mezildzic - Fara» and Memorial Tournament «Cedo Radivojevic», should be stressed out.

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11.August 2012.
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To contribute to the economic empowerment of Prijepolje, the owner of the company Emilio Stecher, Mr. Mesa Podbicanin has founded the team to attract foreign investment. The team works for the company Emilio Stecher and deals only with finding foreign investors. In a very short time, they >