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Youth Office is an institution in local government, which has the role of youth services, in order to bring the institutions of local self-government closer to the young. Office for Youth has a function that represents a link between young people and all institutions / organizations in order to improve the quality of life of young people in Prijepolje.
Together with the Belgrade municipality and the municipalities of  Palilula and Loznica, Prijepolje belongs to the first round of the municipalities in which they implemented the project "Strengthening the capacity of youth groups and the Office for Youth Civic Initiative.
Youth activism, openness of local government, civil society interested in issues of policy and position youth mini regional center recommended Prijepolje municipality as a place for this project.
The process of project implementation started in December 2007. and includes several related activities in which to realize constructive cooperation with local governments, civil society and youth groups.
The ultimate goal was to create sufficient and sustainable institutional and non-institutional capacities in Prijepolje that will be long term and strategically deal with the problems of young people and improve their position in the local community.
The first step towards this goal has been opening and strengthening of the Office for Youth, as well as forming the initial group of youth programming that will enrich the offer of the office and make it recognizable to the local environment.
Office for Youth Prijepolje, is opened on  4th of April 2008.

As part of the Youth Club, the  Info Centre exists in Prijepolje, established within the NGO "New Vision" from Prijepolje, which has the function of internet information center, where young people can be free to exchange information. In the club they are suggested and introduced to certain  the internet portals, which are important for their development.
Office for Youth through active cooperation with the Civic Initiatives has made a plan to strengthen the capacity of the Office for Youth Prijepolje for the year 2009, which was submitted to Prijepolje  Municipal Assembly for approval. The document clearly defines the strategic directions of the Office for Youth, through the priority problems of youth, aims at solving them specific tasks and action plan.

Admir Veljovic, Coordinator of the Office for Youth
Tel. 033/716-134
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OTLAS partner PROFILE (for international partners) with participant identification number 934737785  

OTLAS partner PROFILE (for international partners) with participant identification number 934737785   

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