Through the long history of its existence as a town, it was an intersection of various cultures and civilizations, passing merchant caravans and pilgrims, which made Prijepolje become a place with rich cultural - historical heritage. 

Rich tourist offer of  Prijepolje municipality is composed mostly out of Mileseva Monastery from the thirteenth century, monasteries Davidovica and Kumanica and monuments of Islamic culture - Ibrahim - Pasha Mosque in Šarampov (XVI century) the Clock Tower in Vakuf (XIII century), and the Catholic church, built in the year 1887, on a rock on the coast of the Lim River. 

Prijepolje tourist offer, in addition to the cultural - historical heritage ,is  rich in landscapes and untouched nature; Gorges of Mileševka and Dubočica River, Tičije Polje, Kamena Gora, Jabuka and waterfalls of Sopotnica have been  declared as monuments of nature and are under state protection in Serbia.

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11.August 2012.
Established a strategic team to attract foreign ...
To contribute to the economic empowerment of Prijepolje, the owner of the company Emilio Stecher, Mr. Mesa Podbicanin has founded the team to attract foreign investment. The team works for the company Emilio Stecher and deals only with finding foreign investors. In a very short time, they >