Enlisting the APR Registry


Registration of businesses (establishment, changes and deletions) in the Business Register APR, is carried out in accordance with the principles of the Law on registration of legal entities and in the manner prescribed by the provisions of Article 32 and 71 the same law, in accordance with the provisions of Article 48 to 52 Company Law (Official Gazette No. 125/04) and the provisions of Articles of the Law on private entrepreneurs who have ceased to exist. 
The registration procedure shall be initiated by submitting a duly completed registration form to the Agency. 
Registration application submitted: 
• Founder - Entrepreneur 
• attorney with the accompanying written authorization, signed by the founders - the entrepreneur and certified by the competent authority (municipality or court). If the founder - the entrepreneur to his power of attorney to a lawyer, it does not have to be notarized in the municipality or the court. 
Applications may be submitted: 
• in person at APR headquarters in Belgrade 
• organizational units APR 
• in the municipalities with which the Agency has concluded an agreement 
• registered mail (if the registration application is submitted by mail, the date and time of its submission takes the date and time of its receipt by the Agency). 
Registration form are available at the agency, organizational units APR and municipal offices with proof of payment in the amount of 120.00 dinars (pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1, item 3 of the Regulation on Compensation for registration and other services provided by Agency Business Registry) or free download (download) from the Internet by the Agency. 
Source: Agency for Business Registers 

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