Founding of Enterpreneurs

Required documents for the establishment of an entrepreneurship

• registration application from for entrepreneurship with all relevant data  entered.
• photocopy of identity card or passport of the founders - the entrepreneur (or all partners if it is a partnership) 
• proof of payment of compensation in the amount of 540.00 dinars at the account of the Agency for Business Registers 
• If the contractor is registered for performing activities for which prior approvals are required from the entity in jurisdiction it is necessary to submit and decision of the competent authority in the original or certified copy. 

Business Registers Agency, ex officio, shall report to the competent pension fund to the insurance for entrepreneurs. 

In choosing a name, the founder - the entrepreneur must have to check with the APR or at the APR web site, whether at the territory of the municipality, where he  shall be registered as contractor, there is a registered contractor with the same or similar name. The name is optional part of the official name. 

Full business name of the entrepreneurship includes the following elements: 

• name of the founder - Entrepreneur 
• addition to a name (eg contractor or  partners) 
• Occupation
• the name of the entrepreneur (optional element of the business name) 
• Place and address of the business office. 

Example: John Smith Entrepreneur, grocery shop PERA, Pirot, Brežine 10 

Occupations that require prior consent as a condition for registration: 

• health services (clinics, pharmacies, clinics) - solution to the health inspector of the Ministry of Health on the fulfillment of conditions for performing the required activities 
• Veterinary clinics and pharmacies - Decision of the Inspector of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management 
• agricultural pharmacies - Decision of the Inspector of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management 
• taxi services - if the decision of the local government provided that it is necessary to meet the taxi operator and others in addition to statutory requirements, then you need to be established with the registration application and submit the documents prescribed by this decision. 

  • Sales of weapons, weapons parts and ammunition - Decision of the Ministry of Interior,
  • Performing activities of general interest and utility services-agreement of the competent municipal body that is entrusted to perform certain activities of the entrepreneur
  • Jobs insurance agency - a requirement for registration of the license of the National Bank on the fulfillment of the conditions for such activities as   duties of a receiver - a requirement for registration is a license Bankruptcy administrator
  •  Judicial affairs expert - a condition for registration of the decision on registration in the register of permanent experts
  •  Agency-Employment Decision of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development
  •  Psychological counseling - Decision of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy.
  • Entrepreneur is  entered in the Register only one predominant activity (opinion of registry).

    Entrepreneur category selected mainly in accordance with the Law on the classification of activities and the Registry Unit of classification. In addition to the core, the entrepreneur can carry out other activities permitted in accordance with the Companies Act.

    Since the start date of conducting the business entrepreneur start run all of the obligations of public revenues (taxes, contributions and other public revenues).

    As a top performing activity will be registered date of issuance of the decision.

    Deadline for registration established entrepreneurs is 5 days.

    Source: Agency for Business Registers


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