Health Care

Heal care implementer in Prijepolje Municipality is the Health Care Institution Prijepolje with its Health Care Center and the Hospital. Hospital serves to the entire region (It covers the neighboring municipalities of Nova Varos, Sjenica and Priboj with 191 beds and 136 employees).

Brodarevo has 1 health care station.

There are 7 outpatient departments in rural areas.

Health Care Institution employees 82 GPs and specialized physicians, 1 in charge of tuberculosis protection, 3 of women health care, 3 of pre-school children health care, 3 of school age children and young people health care, 1 pharmacist.

Certain number of physicians are undergoing professional development and specialization courses.

Prijepolje Hospital is equipped with cardio ultra-sound, EKG, anesthetics, respirator, oxygen and inhalation devices.

Prijepolje Health Care Center has X-ray, ultra-sound and EKG devices.

City Pharmacy, pharmacies in Brodarevo and Kolovrat are responsible for pharmaceutical health care.

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11.August 2012.
Established a strategic team to attract foreign ...
To contribute to the economic empowerment of Prijepolje, the owner of the company Emilio Stecher, Mr. Mesa Podbicanin has founded the team to attract foreign investment. The team works for the company Emilio Stecher and deals only with finding foreign investors. In a very short time, they >