Prijepolje was inhabited as far as in Roman times. It was the part of the Serbian State of Raška. First mention of Prijepolje dates back to 1343 as a square of the Mileševa Monastery in the contract on salt trade between Dubrovnik and Prijepolje.

By mid XIV century, Prijepolje became a settlement with a square as a central spot. Development was largely dependent of the favorable position on the intersection of important roads.

The town developed as a settlement on the caravan road known as «Dubrovnik Road». The road served as the connection between the central and east parts of the Balkans and the mid part of the Adriatic coast.

The second important road was the «Bosnian Road» running from Dobrun, Bela brda, Uvac, Priboj, Banja, Kratovo to Nova Varoš, intersecting in Sjenica with the Dubrovnik Road.

Major changes in Prijepolje took place during Turkish rule in mid XIV century and during Austro-Hungarian rule in late XIX century.

After the big scale wars in XX century, Prijepolje saw comprehensive social and economic development in the second half of the century.

Today, Prijepolje is a municipality on the border of Serbia and Montenegro. It holds an important position on the road to Montenegro coast and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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11.August 2012.
Established a strategic team to attract foreign ...
To contribute to the economic empowerment of Prijepolje, the owner of the company Emilio Stecher, Mr. Mesa Podbicanin has founded the team to attract foreign investment. The team works for the company Emilio Stecher and deals only with finding foreign investors. In a very short time, they >