LEDO Functions

According to the LED Office establishment document, functions of the office are as follows:

1.      Marketing

-preparation and distribution of promotional material (brochures, flyers, CDs, municipal profiles, web presentations, e-news) 

- Organization of promotional events, 

- Participation in trade fairs and commercial exhibitions, 

- Organization and participation in the organization and preparation of information campaigns about the importance of foreign direct investment and promoting the business concept, which reflects the local community, environmental and philanthropic activities, 

- Presentation of the city or municipality of the regional national and international level in activities related to economic development.

2. Maintenance, recruitment and expansion of local business activities

-Constant contact with representatives of investors (domestic and foreign),

- A systematic approach in dealing with potential investors,

- Organization of visits, intended for potential clients, interesting economic potential for investment.

3.Contacts with and direct support to local business community

- daily contacts with local entrepreneurs, 

- Providing legal and technical support, advice and timely provision of information, 

- Create a training program for beginners in business and business associations, 

- Organization of training for SMEs and entrepreneurs in the field of writing projects and preparation of documentation for loan applications 

- In cooperation with the Republic Agency for the registration of business entities, assisting local entrepreneurs in the registration and re-registration, 

- Promote the concept of entrepreneurship and public private partnerships.

4.Assisting strategic planning process

-Daily communication with the Commission for strategic planning,

- Supervision of the implementation of projects arising from the strategic plan for economic development and reporting process.

5.Financial incentives

contacts with commercial banks which have branch offices in the municipality in order to use data from financial markets and an adequate and timely information of local business representatives, 

- Identification of current financial capacity and recommendations, most appropriate package of financial services and loan services to users of the Office for LED 

- Prepare recommendations for the creation of local microfinance and guarantee schemes.

6.Workforce development

- cooperation with the National Employment Service - municipal branches, 

- Preparation and implementation of educational programs for instructors and consultants in the field of local economic development and entrepreneurship, 

- Preparation of database available workforce in the municipality, 

- Preparation of training and retraining in accordance with the needs of investors in the local economy, 

- Providing information about opportunities to the unemployed to start their own business, the needs of investors and programs of self-employment

7. Preparation and supervision of LED related projects

Analysis of market conditions and opportunities for starting new development projects,

- Contacts with international organizations and donors,

- Research opportunities for financing development programs,

- Preparation of development projects Prepare development project proposals,

- Management and implementation of development projects.

8.Advisory services

- (proposes to the Assembly and the Mayor) 

- Incentive measures for the creation of new SMEs and attracting foreign investments, 

- Regulation (regulations, orders and instructions) in the field of economic development, 

- Provision of measures to improve their own revenue sources, improving the working capacity and creating equal opportunities for women and vulnerable groups, increasing employment rates and poverty reduction, administrative compliance and inspection procedures to support economic development, 

- Providing opinions to the adoption and implementation of local investment programs, 

- Initiatives for preparing and modifying the city plans to establish industrial and technological zones and business incubators, restoration of destroyed areas.

9.Maintain and improve communication with national institutions in charge of economic development

-working with relevant national bodies and institutions,

- Cooperate with the regional Chamber of Commerce, local / regional institutions responsible for economic development, business associations and civil society,

- Proposed social programs and programs for youth employment in cooperation with the National Employment Service,

- For the sake of improving access to business information, in cooperation with the Republic Bureau of Statistics, the Republic Geodetic Authority and other bodies and organizations, establish and maintain integrated information system with statistics and information of importance to business, economic development and reducing unemployment,

- Working with other cities and municipalities, share best practices and undertake activities for the harmonization of development measures with other municipalities.

10.Database development and maintenance.

- Preparing a database of available skilled personnel,

- Database of local companies,

- Database on the new domestic investors,

- Database of new foreign investors,

- Database of opportunities for privatization,

- Database of free municipal owned land suitable for construction of industrial plants.

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