Listings From the Economy Registry

In order to obtain a statement from the Register of the Agency for Business Registers the following documents should be submitted: 

• Filled in request for listing (can be obtained from the Agency with proof of payment in the amount of 120.00 dinars, or downloaded from the Internet by the APR) 
• proof of payment in the amount of 360.00 dinars at the account of the Agency. 

The request for the certificate may be submitted by any person, a statement is immediately received by the Agency 
Decisions and conclusions of entrepreneurs may be obtained by: 
• a person empowered by the  entrepreneur who has submitted a notarized power of before the competent authority (court or municipal) 
• a lawyer attorney empowered by the founder (in this case, the proxy need not be notarized before a competent authority - the Court or Municipality) 
• family members (parents, spouse and children) with a power of attorney which must be signed and stamped by shop entrepreneur, and with a photocopy of identity card from which we can see that the entrepreneur and member of the family are residing at the same address 
• supervisor whose competence is registered in the Register of the Agency for Business Registers. 
Source: Agency for Business Registers 

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