Municipal Assembly Competences

In accordance with the law, the Municipal Assembly shall:

1) Adopt the Statute of the Municipality and the Rules of Procedure of the Municipal Assembly;

2) Adopt the budget and final statement of the Municipality;

3) Make the program for the development of the Municipality and specific activities;

4) Develop the city planning projects and regulate the utilization of construction land;

5) Adopt regulations and other general by-laws;

6) Hold municipal referendums and referendums in a part of the municipal territory, adopt proposals contained in citizens' initiatives, and make the proposal of the decision on contribution fee;

7) Establish services, public utility enterprises, institutions and organizations stipulated by the Statute of the Municipality, and supervise their work;

8) Appoint and dismiss the Management and Supervisory Board, appoint and remove the directors of public utility enterprises, institutions, organizations and services founded by the Municipal Assembly, and approve their Statutes in accordance with the law;

9) Elect the Chairman of Assembly and the Deputy Chairman of Assembly, and upon the proposal of the President of Municipality elect the Municipal Council;

10) Appoint and dismiss the Secretary of Assembly;

11) Appoint and remove the Head of Municipal Administration, i.e. heads of  administrations, upon the proposal of the President of Municipality;

12)  Determine municipal fees and other locally generated revenues as provided by law;

13) Determine charges for the development and utilization of construction land;

14) Adopt by-laws on municipal public debt;

15) Regulate the working hours of hotels and restaurants, trade and handicraft facilities;

16) Give opinions on Urban Plans on the national, provincial and regional level;

17) Give opinions on laws regulating issues of interest to local self-government;

18) Initiate proceedings for the protection of local self-government rights before the Constitutional Court;

19) Give consent on the use of the name, coat of arms and other symbols of the Municipality;

20)  Perform other activities prescribed by law and the Statute.

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