Municipal Council


According to the Law on Local Self-Government, Municipal Council:
1) Holds the draft decision of the Municipal Budget
2) Supervise the work of municipal administration, annul or abolish the municipal government acts that are not in compliance with the law, Statute and other general act or decision made by the Municipal Assembly
3) Solves the administrative procedure in the second instance of the rights and duties of citizens, enterprises and institutions and other organizations from the original scope of the Municipality
4) Assists the Mayor in carrying out other activities within its jurisdiction
5) brings its own work on the proposal of the President of the municipality.
The Municipal Council consists of 6 members:

1.Мирјана Бојовић

2. Небојша Жунић

3. Милан Гачевић

4. Сабахудин Хајдаревић,

5. Др Зулкефил-Бато Садовић,

6. Едиб Кајевић

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